Let Us Lead the Way to a Healthier Workplace.

Discover why – in just a few short years – CorporateChoice has already become an industry leader in workplace health assessments and how we can help your business safeguard your workers health and productivity.

It's truly remarkable what can be achieved in such a short time when you have a dedicated team with a vision.

CorporateChoice Healthcare's roots date back to 1994, when it was a sub-service of Gippsland Physiotherapy Group and only provided functional assessments, early intervention physiotherapy and injury management services.

As we continued to grow, we saw an ever-increasing need to streamline the clunky pre-employment process for businesses. So, in 2017, we acquired Pre-Empt Pre-Employment, allowing us to package the full suite of pre-employment services into a single appointment.

Since then, we have quickly emerged as an industry leader in Australia, providing thousands of assessments annually to businesses of all sizes and operating under CorporateChoice Healthcare.

With our expert team and state-of-the-art technology, we have revolutionised the way businesses manage their employees' occupational health and safety needs, and our passion for excellence and commitment to innovation has allowed us to become the go-to pre-employment healthcare solution.

Our success is not only due to our expertise and technology, but also our unwavering commitment to our clients. We take pride in working with businesses of all sizes to ensure their employees are safe and healthy, making quality hiring decisions and retaining them.

At CorporateChoice Healthcare, we're more than just a health and safety provider – we're your partners in success.

Join the hundreds of satisfied clients who have made us their first choice for occupational health and safety services.

Chief Executive Officer,
CorporateChoice Healthcare.