Injury Prevention

Employee Education for Injury Prevention.

#Transform Your Workplace Into a Safety Haven

We understand the importance of employee wellness and offer top-tier, on-site injury prevention programs that seamlessly integrate into your workers' daily routines.

These curated programs cater to specific job tasks and duties, maximising preventative effects.

#Individualised Training Programs

Engaging employee education presentations on injury prevention are tailored to your concerns, covering key topics such as back injuries and postural strains.

Our training sessions on manual handling techniques will equip your employees with the necessary skills to minimise workplace injuries.

#Take the Guesswork Out of Workplace Safety

Our comprehensive task and workstation analysis delves deep into each task and provides detailed information on the proper techniques and critical forces required to prevent potential injuries. Our assessments also include recommendations to ensure optimal workplace safety.

Injury Prevention

Jess K.

Operations Manager, Client.

I can confidently say that the pre-employment services provided by CorporateChoice have been instrumental in ensuring that our workers are healthy, drug-free, and ready to contribute from day one.