Audiometric Testing

Safeguard Your Workers' Hearing In Just 15 Minutes.³

#Minimal Employee Disruption

At CorporateChoice Healthcare, we understand that scheduling and attending appointments can be difficult for employees. Yet, the provision of a comprehensive audiometric testing service is essential to ensuring the health and safety of employees. So we developed a system that minimises disruption to their work program.

Our mobile audiometric van is equipped with an inbuilt sound-attenuating booth. It enables our audiometrists to conduct on-site tests without your employees having to leave their workplace, reducing employee downtime to just 10-15 minutes each.

#Reliable Results

Our mobile audiometric van is not only equipped with the latest testing equipment, but also provides a comfortable and safe environment for workers during their testing.

Our audiometrists are fully trained and experienced in administering audiometric tests, which include hearing screening, pure tone audiometry, and tympanometry. All tests are performed in accordance with relevant standards and regulations, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of results.

#Easy Documentation

In addition to providing a convenient testing service, we offer a computerised record management system. This system allows us to provide clients with all the necessary documentation, including test results, letters to individuals, and compliance reports.

Audiometric Testing

Jess K.

Operations Manager, Client.

I can confidently say that the pre-employment services provided by CorporateChoice have been instrumental in ensuring that our workers are healthy, drug-free, and ready to contribute from day one.