Injury Management

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services for Injured Employees.

#Comprehensive and Tailored Return to Work Programs

Physiotherapy is often an essential component of rehabilitation programs, especially for individuals who have suffered injuries that affect their ability to perform daily activities or work-related tasks.

If one of your workers has become injured, it is critical that you provide them with this necessary care for recovery to ensure their timely return to work.

#The Ultimate Anytime, Anywhere Solution.

At CorporateChoice Healthcare, we have access to over 220 top-of-the-cut physiotherapists across 48 locations nationwide. They can provide comprehensive rehabilitation programs and an individualised treatment plan tailored to their unique needs and goals anywhere and anytime.

On top of that, they can provide the appropriate certificates of capacity that demonstrate the employee's physical condition, enabling your company to understand their limitations and make any necessary adjustments to their duties or environment.

Injury Management

Jess K.

Operations Manager, Client.

I can confidently say that the pre-employment services provided by CorporateChoice have been instrumental in ensuring that our workers are healthy, drug-free, and ready to contribute from day one.