Drug & Alcohol Testing

Enforce a Drug-Free Environment Within Your Company.

#Why On-Site Testing Is Essential for Your Business

Drug use in the workplace can lead to a host of negative consequences, including decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, higher rates of workplace accidents, and legal liability for the employer.

By conducting on-site drug and alcohol testing, companies can proactively enforce a safe working environment for themselves and their workers by identifying employees using illicit substances and taking appropriate action.

#Our Methods of Testing

Depending on your business needs and standard operating procedures, we can offer several different drug testing methods, including urine and saliva tests.

Picking the right testing method one for your organisation is crucial to ensure accuracy, convenience, and acceptance. Each method has its advantages and limitations. It's crucial to consider factors like detection window, type of substance you're most concerned about, and potential employee concerns when making your choice.

We provide drug testing by way of:

  • Alcohol Testing: Breath Alcohol is provided by the way of a breathliser. All of our equipment and procedures conform to AS3547.
  • Urine Testing: We provide urine testing to AS4308. Instant tests that have non-negative results can be sent on for further laboratory testing.
  • Saliva Testing: The most convenient method of testing in large workforces with minimal disruption. Testing is delivered to AS4760. If a non-negative result is obtained, we offer further laboratory testing in urine only.

#When Can (and should) I Test My Workers?

A company or organisation may conduct drug tests for a number of reasons, including for cause after an incident, periodic testing conducted over a constant time frame, or return-to-duty after an absence from work (due to a previous positive result of illicit drug use).

For Cause Testing is typically conducted when there is sufficient reason to suspect that an employee is using drugs, such as after a workplace accident or if an employee exhibits unusual behaviour.

Periodic Testing is usually conducted over a constant time frame (such as annually or semi-annually) to ensure that employees are not using drugs or alcohol on an ongoing basis.

Return-to-Duty Testing is performed after an employee has tested positive for drug use and has completed a rehabilitation program. This test aims to ensure that the employee is drug-free and can safely return to work.

#The Power of Pre-Employment Assessments

In addition to drug & alcohol testing, many companies also conduct pre-employment medicals to screen potential employees for illicit substances. These medicals typically include a drug test and other measures to determine an individual's physical fitness for a specific job. For example, an assessment for a construction worker might consist of a drug test, strength test, and flexibility test.

By conducting these assessments, employers can ensure they are hiring candidates who are physically and mentally fit for the job.

#What Drugs Are Tested For in a Standard Workplace Drug Test?

In Australia, when businesses undertake a standard workplace drug test, they are typically scanning for substances that have the potential to jeopardise an employee's capacity to perform their duties safely and efficiently.

We screen for cannabis (THC), amphetamines, methamphetamine, opioids (such as morphine and codeine), cocaine and benzodiazepines.

The reason behind these particular choices is their known impact on attentiveness, alertness, and physical coordination – vital factors in many workplaces.

However, it's essential to understand that the specific roster of substances might expand or differ based on the industry or job role. For example, roles requiring the operation of heavy machinery or transportation duties might have an even broader spectrum of substances they test for.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Jess K.

Operations Manager, Client.

I can confidently say that the pre-employment services provided by CorporateChoice have been instrumental in ensuring that our workers are healthy, drug-free, and ready to contribute from day one.