Early Intervention

Create Solid Policies and Procedures to Prevent Injuries.

#Safeguard Your Workforce's Physical Health

With our comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, and management program, we can help your employees manage their physical concerns efficiently and effectively.

Our team of over 225 experienced physiotherapists can provide employees with exercises and ergonomic advice to help them improve their physical health and prevent injuries from occurring.

Employees with minor physical concerns can seek rapid and convenient assessment and management of their condition, and by addressing these concerns early on, we can minimise the chances of them developing into more severe issues.

This proactive approach to employee management can help reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, and improve your workforce's overall health and well-being.

#Available Anywhere, Antime.

In addition to on-site management, we also provide off-site employee management for employers who refer their employees for physiotherapy care at the earliest onset of an injury concern. This service offers greater accessibility to our practice network, making it easier for employees to receive the care they need.

Off-site employee management is ideal for employers with employees who work remotely or who cannot visit our practices in person.

#Prevent Injuries Before They Occur

Task analysis is a critical component of our early intervention program. It involves assessing the tasks an employee performs as part of their job and identifying potential risks or hazards that may lead to injury or exacerbate an existing condition.

By conducting a task analysis, we can develop a treatment plan tailored to an employee's needs, considering their specific job requirements and physical capabilities and reducing the likelihood of further aggravating their condition.

We can also help identify opportunities for ergonomic improvements to their work environment, such as adjusting their workstation or modifying their job duties to reduce the risk of injury.

Early Intervention

Jess K.

Operations Manager, Client.

I can confidently say that the pre-employment services provided by CorporateChoice have been instrumental in ensuring that our workers are healthy, drug-free, and ready to contribute from day one.